A mobile sanctuary nourishing seeds of New Earth consciousness, the Nectar of the Goddess Temple is devoted to the awakening of all beings. It is a shrine honoring the Divine Feminine ~ She whose womb is the matrix of creation, whose heart beats unconditional love for all that is, whose wisdom lifts all in collaboration as She rises.

Connect with us in this portal of activation in meditation, prayer, and ceremony. Come be held in the embrace of the Goddess, your Divine, and Your Higher Self in this sacred space. Enjoy our “sacred squish” area complete with cushioned space around the altars and sensual delights designed to entice You into full embodiment in the present moment.

The Nectar of the Goddess Temple is a beacon of Light and Love calling you home to Your Divine Self and a mobile crystalline acupuncture point for the Earth grids and human consciousness grids.

All are welcomed with open hearts into this healing sanctuary! The Temple is calling out to You in a sweet whisper, “know thyself,” a beautiful reminder to look within so You may know the Divine.

Step inside to ACTIVATE Your Soul, RECALIBRATE Your crystalline DNA, and REMEMBER who You Are.

Nectar of the Goddess Temple photo credit: Neumann Imaging

Bringing the Nectar of the Goddess Temple to your gathering, event, or festival is a wonderful way to raise its collective vibration and offer participants a beautiful, laid back sacred experience.

Amara and her team of Temple Priestesses and Priests offer ceremonies, activations, healing sessions, and workshops. Examples of offerings include but are not limited to:
Sound healing and crystal singing bowl meditation; opening and closing ceremonies for events; mindfulness meditation and guided deep relaxation; metta meditation; prayer ceremony for Earth healing; meditation for world peace; chakra meditation and Oneness Blessing; light body activations; and Magdalen Temple activations.

Nectar of the Goddess Temple workshops and discussion circles:
Design Your Divine Connection; Eros: Healing with Sacred Heart Medicine; Embodying Shakti & Shiva: Sacred Sexuality & Balancing Feminine – Masculine; Empowering Sisterhood Circle; Shamanic Sonic Ceremony; Mindfulness Playshop for Kids & Families; Sound Healing Exploration for Children; I AM: Exploring Energy & Emotions (playshop for kids); & many more!

The Nectar of the Goddess Temple is a platform for sharing sacred knowledge, healing work, healthful movement practices, art, and anything that contributes to the elevation of consciousness. Please connect if you are interested in collaborating with the Temple.

Nectar of the Goddess Temple Workshop Ceremony Sound Healing Crystal Singing Bowls Priestess