Amanda Amethyst is a holistic healer, priestess, and creatrix of the Nectar of the Goddess Temple, a mobile sanctuary nourishing seeds of New Earth consciousness.

Amanda is a vibrational alchemist here to help you Remember who You Are and Recalibrate your crystalline DNA so you can live your soul purpose.

Amanda offers individual healing sessions and intuitive readings, group sessions, spiritual workshops, mobile sacred space installations, and is a public speaker. She works with people of all ages. Amanda loves to nurture our children through meditation playshops, sound healing explorations, and immersive environmental education.

Amanda Amethyst is caretaker of 3 alchemy crystal singing bowls which she is blessed to use during healing sessions, ceremonies, and workshops. Alchemy bowls are singing bowls made of various types of precious gemstones and minerals. Each alchemy bowl radiates a unique frequency as well as a specific tone. These bowls facilitate deep yet gentle healing on all levels – physical to soul

She’s excited to support your beautiful path of ascension with gentle, profound healing. Her offerings spring forth from the deep well of ancient Earth knowledge passed down through her lineage. She is grateful to her many teachers and blessed to use her gifts in service to the Divine.



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